It’s time to order your nucs!

As a service to beginning beekeepers the FLBC coordinates nuc (nucleus) orders in the spring for its members.  We order through Wixon’s and the bees come from Kutik.  The specifics about our nuc orders are:

  • 4-frame nucs plus a feeder (occasionally a box will have 5 frames).  This means that you will get four deep frames of bees, brood in various stages of development (eggs to larvae), a laying queen and some honey to feed them.  You will need to transfer the frames from the box they arrive in to your hive bodies.
  • Cost: $80 per nuc, plus a $10 box fee (refundable if you return the box)
  • A word on the quality, from ex-president Mike Griggs:  “these nucs overall are just great, really full of bees.  Several times people have pick up their nuc & not moved them into a full deep only to have them swarm.   Got one call, one year,  the bees had absconded because the new beekeeper did not get them moved & they can be very full & crowded”
  • They will be ready for pickup around the second week in May (pickup location TBD)

If you were at the January 17 club meeting, and put your name down for nucs, we have your request but you need to pay in order to finalize your order (see below).

The Club has ordered a total of 40 nucs.  Club members have already spoken for about 24 34 of them.  If you haven’t already expressed interest in a nuc, email Barb DeWall.

Please note that you are guaranteed a nuc only once you’ve paid.  To secure your order, send a check payable to the Finger Lakes Beekeepers Club for the requisite amount ($90 per nuc) to the Club treasure:

Barb DeWall
3166 Perry City Road
Trumansburg, NY  14886

If you want to order more than five nucs, call Wixson’s directly at 607-243-7301.

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