FLBC Members Help Dyce Lab Class

On the weekend of May 1, three FLBC members volunteered to help Nick Calderone teach his Apprentice Level Master Beekeeping class.  Laurie Buck, Lesli Sagan and Shelley Stuart each shepherded a group of seven students in the Dyce Lab bee yard.  On Saturday, we walked our groups through a basic inspection: how to use a hive tool effectively, how tDyce Lab May 2010o maneuver equipment, basic hive housekeeping, queen-spotting, egg-finding and the like. Sunday we stood back and watched as the students got down and dirty with their own inspections.  We gave pointers and answered questions, but for the most part the students did all the work and all of the analysis.  The class was a mix of first- and second-year beekeepers, and most seemed very eager to start working in their own yards.  We hope to see some class members at the next FLBC meetings!

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