January 2012 Meeting Report

January Meeting Reports

by David Hopkins, FLBC secretary


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January 16, 2012

Dear Fellow Honey Bee Enthusiasts,

The officers of the Finger Lakes Beekeepers Club met on January 15 with 5 officers present. President Peter Loring Borst, Vice-president Shelley Stuart, Treasurer Marjorie Pryse, Secretary David Hopkins and Publicist Lesli Sagan. Absent was Second Vice-President Darlene Bentley.

The agenda that was addressed includes:

The Spring Beekeepers Workshop for 2012.

After several conversations and a couple meetings we can announce that the Spring Beekeepers Workshops will be presented on Saturday February 11 at the Cayuga Nature Center. Anybody who is interested in helping out with presentations, setting up the facility, serving snacks, or other tasks are encouraged to contact a club officer or committee member.


Management of the Club Bee Yard.

The bees have been surviving well enough to provide some learning opportunities for club members. They also have provided income for the club, approximately $700 in 2012. There is a general frustration that the bees could be managed to be much healthier and productive while functioning well as a learning center that produces some honey for the club. It is troublesome, however, to manage the hives with only monthly inspections and a lack of continuity. Peter offered to lead the management of the hives and to work the bees as they need while continuing to involve club members during monthly hive inspections. David suggested that the management be a team effort that involves more of the club members. The conversation continues without resolutions.

Providing Nucs for Club Members.

Considering last years difficulty of returning nuc boxes to Wixon’s/Kutiks the decision was made to drop the demand for a deposit on the boxes. It caused conflict and may have been unnecessary. There was an 80% return of the boxes after some wrangling and reminding. This year there will be a $3 fee added to the price of the nucs that will pay a driver with a pickup to deliver and return the equipment. A distribution point will need to be determined. Club members can secure their orders for a maximum of 4 nucs by making a full payment of $90 to Treasurer Marjorie Pryce.


With 35 people in attendance Peter Loring Borst conveyed the agenda and information from the officers meeting. A general discussion indicates agreement about the purposes, merits and problems of the beeyard, the availability of nucs and the upcoming Beginning with bees Workshop.

Peter opened the floor to nominations for the officers of 2012 and a group of new officers was elected as follows:

President – Shelley Stuart

Vice President – Peter Loring Borst

Second Vice President – Matt Sacco

Secretary – Jason Hamilton

Treasurer – Marjorie Pryse

Publicist – Lesli Sagan

The meeting was closed.

Peter Loring Borst presented an informative and beautiful slide show of the chronology of honey bee plants of upstate New York.

The next meeting of the Finger Lakes Beekeepers Club will be held on Sunday, February 26 at the Extension Office, 615 Willow in Ithaca.

If there are any corrections, additions or questions please feel free to contact me.

David Hopkins


(607) 220-7400

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