February 2012 Meeting Report

February 19th Meeting Report


by Jason Hamilton, FLBC secretary



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Officer’s Meeting
Officers present: President Shelley Stuart, Vice-president Peter Borst, Second Vice President Matt Sacco, Secretary Jason Hamilton, and Publicist Lesli Sagan. Treasurer Marjorie Pryse was absent.

Our Own Honey Bees & Beekeeping Workshop
Shelley reported that the club netted $829 from our Honey Bees & Beekeeping Workshop.  After some discussion we decided that we will donate $100 to the Cayuga Nature Center for the use of the space.  Our general sense was that the workshop went quite well.  Next year we would like to try to get a donation of a lunch package for speakers & volunteers. The raffle didn’t bring in as much money as we expected, but we did make back our expenses. It seemed popular, so maybe next year we will try to get more donations of bee-themed items. The more advanced workshops worked well, were well attended, and were well received.  We decided that next year we will modify the morning schedule so that there isn’t the short workshop session before lunch.

Club fundraising
We had an extensive discussion regarding fundraising for the club. We concluded that while it is worthwhile to keep attending the annual plant sale, this isn’t a particularly good fundraising venue.  For fundraising, we decided that we want a significant presence at the Ithaca Festival this year. We want to participate in the parade on May 31st and get a booth for June 1-3rd.

We discussed the future of the newsletter and decided we needed to bring the issue to the general membership to see whether folks still felt it was important and valuable.

General Meeting
We started the general meeting with a discussion of the newsletter. Folks felt that it was worthwhile to continue with this project. Lesli will serve as general editor, but she needs lots of help from the membership with content. We decided on the following sections:

  • Calendar
  • Disease updates (Peter Loring Borst)
  • New beekeepers column (volunteer: Claudia Ayers)
  • Hive management appropriate to the season
  • Maybe a “best of” the mailing list or links to best stories out there
  • New books; websites; legislation; articles; etc

Peter Borst brought us up to speed on series of Bee Wellness Workshops that are being developed with a grant to Pan Bono in association with the Empire State Honey Producers Assn. The grant is administered by the USDA-NIFA Beginning Farmer and Rancher Development Program, which provides funding to support training, education, outreach, and technical assistance initiatives for beginning farmers or ranchers. These workshops will be in a kind of “train-the-trainer” format.  The goals of the workshops are to bring mid-level beekeepers up to next level, create a sustainable bee keeping population in New York State, keep small-time keepers from quitting, and promote women in beekeeping. Attendees will then be a resource for other bee keepers. The club will contribute $200 to send a member to one of the workshops with the expectation of a substantial obligation for teaching and payback to the community.

We will attend the plant sale again – lots of folks show up and it is good publicity; last year we had a booth & an observation hive.  It’s a great way to raise awareness about the club, but we need people to help! Contact Peter Borst for details.

In an effort to make the Ithaca Festival a major fundraising event to help support club programs,   Lesli Sagan volunteered to head-up the organizational committee. Contact her if you wish to help (lesli.sagan@gmail.com).

Shelley Stuart finished out the meeting by leading an excellent presentation/discussion on important factors to Hive Placement.

NOTE that next month there will be no FLBC meeting in Ithaca because we will be at the Geneva bee conference.  See our website for details. This is a great conference to meet fellow beekeepers in the area and has great speakers.

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