April Bee Club Meeting

Bees on the moveThe Finger Lakes Beekeepers Club will hold its next meeting on Sunday, April 15 at the Cooperative Extension building from 2-4pm.  Officers will meet at 1pm; members who want to join the officer meeting are welcome to attend.  This will hopefully be the final meeting downtown, as we move summer operations out to the apiary at the Cayuga Nature Center.

On the business end of things, we need to discuss how to manage the Club apiary this summer, and tag someone formally to curate them, pending the outcome of our discussions.

Then we will talk about swarm catching.  Free bees!  (But at what cost?)  While we may touch on cutouts, an in-depth talk about breaking into buildings for a hive will happen later in the year.

As always, feel free to bring a snack to pass.  See you on Sunday!

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