Meeting Minutes, October 21, 2012

About 25 beekeepers gathered on Oct. 21st for the October FLBC meeting.  First some important reminders:

  • It’s time to think about paying your 2013 dues.  Make your check payable to FLBC.  Your membership dues really help the club and you get all kinds of benefits like our newsletter, the ability to order nucs with the club, and being on the club mailing list, and more.
  • We tried an experiment this year in not taking deposits on nuc boxes.  The club ordered 40 nucs and we returned 40 nuc boxes. Great job everybody!!
  • Next month’s meeting is a week earlier than usual (Nov 11th).  We need some help getting the newsletter out before this.  Who wants to help?  Who wants to contribute? Contact Shelley at
  • We now have a “Buy Local” section on our website.  If you sell locally, send Shelley your info and she will put it up;
  • For our Spring Bee Basics workshop we need logistical help.  If you can help with contacting speakers, contacting vendors for the raffle, setting up programs, etc. contact Shelley.

At our last meeting out at the club hives, we saw a great example of the club members coming together for group decision making.  We went through the hives and decided that several of them simply had too many mites.  We had a great discussion to consider our options, what were the pros and cons of each, etc.  As a group we decided what to do.  This process provided us with a great sense of community and personal ownership over the decision on how to manage the group hives.  So this time, we came to the consensus that we would like to try this for other decisions.  It was time to make some decisions regarding wintering the club hives.  We had a discussion to review all the experiences of the members.  In the past we have done nothing special.  This year we decided to try a few new things: On some, shifting a top box back to provide ventilation and an upper entrance, while on other drilling a hole in the top box; wrapping weaker hives with Tyvek, and maybe, putting two together, wrap & put foam on top.  We decided to have a work party on Nov 4th Nov. to do all this.

As a final part of the business part of the meeting, we discussed setting up a student internship with Ithaca College or even working with the Ithaca College Dept. of Environmental Studies and Sciences to set up a 1-credit course to get help with the work associated with managing the club hives.  Folks agreed that this is a good idea in principle and Jason will look into it.  We also decided that the club should purchase or otherwise obtain some protect equipment (e.g. veils) to have at the club hives to use for visitors.

The “presentation” this month was a discussion on “what I should have done differently.”  Shelley started us off with her misadventures with metal queen excluders.  After a great discussion we concluded that in many cases bees do best when we manage them the least.  After Shelley, several members had a chance to bring up problems/questions that they had and get good (and often conflicting) advice for others in the room.

We hope to see you at the November meeting!

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