May Club Meeting – Comb Honey

comb honey flckr user Nate GrayWelcome spring, and welcome new beekeepers!  Club nucs will arrive sometime this month (we’re still waiting on the exact date), so I hope you have your gear ready.

We are officially moving out to the Club hives for the summer!  The hives are located on the “back 40” of the Cayuga Nature Center.  Meeting times remain from 2-4pm.  We will be working bees.  YOU could be working bees! Bees will be flying around, and probably miffed that we’re interrupting their routine.  Please dress appropriately — the Club does not have a supply of protective gear to borrow.

During the summer meetings, you get the chance to get hands-on with bees under the supervision and support of many veteran beekeepers.  This meeting, members Duane Waid and Rob Sorenson will talk about making comb honey.  Come with some water, your protective gear, and your questions!


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