June 2013 Club Meeting


Block off 2-4pm on Sunday, June 16 for the next FLBC meeting at the club hives! For those interested, we’ll do a short & sassy demo on how to use the club extractor. If you have the extractor and can’t return it, PLEASE let me know ASAP so I can throw my beastie in the car for folks to look at.

We will also look open up the hives and see how things are going. I’ve seen some pictures of gorgeous basswood flowers in town, so we might have some flow on. We’ll evaluate the hives, and then decide what to do about what we see.  It’s a great chance to get hands-on with someone else’s bees, so bring your suits, your veils, some water (for you to drink) and your questions!

In July the club will have our first mite count raffle! Open to current FLBC members only, if you check your hives for mites, you’ll be eligible for a raffle for free varroa treatment supplies.  Details will follow at the next meeting, and the contest won’t open until after the June meeting. If you want to participate, but you’re not sure about how to count for mites, this will be the time and place to learn.

Finally, please return your empty nuc boxes! We’ll check your names off of our nuc box list, and preserve our good standing with our nuc supplier for next year.

See you on the 16th!

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