September club meeting

Have you caught the unmistakable smell of goldenrod honey curing in your hives yet?  There’s no surer a sign of fall than that, for a Finger Lakes Beekeeper!

Our next Club meeting will happen at the hives on September 15 — it’s early this month, so don’t let it catch you by surprise!  This will be our last regular meeting at the hives, and I’m pretty sure we’ll be talking about mites, and wintering, and not wintering mites!  We’ll assess the honey situation, then see what it will take to button up the hives.  (We may have a work session in early October to finish things up.)
After September we move back to the Cornell Cooperative Extension building for our monthly meetings.  Our winter topics, as currently scheduled:
October 20: Making Mead
November 17: Balms and lotions from your hive products
December: NO MEETING
January 19:  Observation hives
February 16: [TBD] (February will also be our beginners workshop)
March 22 (tentative): our joint meeting in Geneva
April 20: Planting a pollinator garden
One note — I am going to start announcing our monthly meetings to the general public, via various sites available to us. We may see an increase in attendance, if all goes well.  If the response is too positive, I’ll have to revisit the publicity.
At the meetings, I’ll have a donation jar for non-members to toss in a fiver or two, to help offset the costs of speakers, the cost of our meeting space, and hopefully establish funds for things like the proposed AFB fund.  Members are welcome to contribute to the funds, but it will absolutely not be necessary.  If anyone has the talent to create an encouraging sign to accompany a donation jar, contact me offline.
See you at the hives!


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