October Club Meeting

Mead magic

Mead magicHello fellow beekeepers!

Our next Club meeting takes place on October 20, from 2-4pm at the Cooperative Extension Center downtown (here’s the Google Map link).  I will spend the first hour talking about how to make mead, or honey wine.

Mead is a very ancient drink — possibly the oldest fermented beverage.  We derive “honeymoon” from mead: in medieval times, newlyweds would drink mead (“honey”) for a month (“moon”).  My talk stays small — I approach this as an introduction to the art where you make one gallon of mead with only necessary ingredients and equipment.  Depending on how resourceful you are, you can make a gallon (about 8-10 beer bottles) in under $10.  If you can make coffee, you can make mead — it’s just that easy.

I’ve been brewing mead since the 1990s, starting with a distressingly large 5 gallon batch.  I got the bug, and have made all sorts of mead variations (with varying successes as well).  I started beekeeping in order to have free honey to make more mead.  (We all know how that works out!)  I’m now taking homebrewing further with my meadmaking kit, Mead Magic (at the last meeting, some of you heard my pitch about Mead Magic on Kickstarter).

We will have an officer’s meeting before the event, and afterward, Ellie Andrews would like to talk with small groups of beekeepers about the resilience of beekeeping locally, which is part of her research at Cornell.

Since we are back inside, we’ll have the teapot fired up, so bring your own mugs.  And, given the topic, there might be other beverages to sample as well.

See you on the 20th!

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