November meeting

Club meeting

Our November meeting will take place on Sunday, November 17, 2pm at the Cooperative Extension building downtown. There is an adjustment to the speaker schedule. Lesli Sagan, originally scheduled to talk about soaps and lotions, will be selling her soaps and lotions at an all day fair (go, Lesli!). She will give her talk tentatively in January.
Our VP, Peter Borst, will instead give us a presentation about the History of Beekeeping, a reprise of the talk he will give at the ESHPA meeting on Friday. Much of his talk involves Tompkins county beekeeping history. It will be fascinating to learn about the roots of our craft.

Beginners workshop
Normally I would be arranging the details of the February workshop now. With my Mead Magic endeavor taking up 110% of my free time, I am unable to give the workshop the attention it needs and deserves.
I need someone to take over the workshop organization this year. I can be an advisor, helper, tip-giver, but not the organizer. There’s a lot left to do, but most importantly line up speakers and do advertising. Email me if you are willing to take this on, or have more questions.
If we don’t end up with an organizer, I will move the mentor talk from the workshop to the February meeting. I think there’s enough interest from folks at the last meeting to make that happen one way or another!
See you on the 17th!

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