Regional Fall Meeting

The Empire State Honey Producer’s Association promotes the interest of New York State beekeepers on many levels. This state-wide organization holds meetings in the summer and the fall. The fall meeting will be on Friday and Saturday, at the Comfort Inn & Suites, 6701 Buckley Road in North Syracuse.

Officer elections will take place on Friday, and include two local candidates: Peter Borst and Rob Sorenson. There will be FLBC members in attendance; please feel free to use the list to arrange carpooling for the meeting!

In addition to officer elections, which will inform the associations future endeavors, this fall’s speakers include:

Dr. Jerry J. Bromenshenk received his Ph.D. in insect ethology (behavior) from the University of Montana .  He co-founded Bee Alert Technology in 2003 and is the statewide director of Montana’s EPSCoR program (Experimental Program to Stimulate Competitive Research). His research focuses on insect behavior, ecotoxicology, population dynamics, and environmental chemistry

Dr. Beth Holloway is a Research Molecular Biologist at the USDA Baton Rouge Lab.  She has a diverse genetics background ranging from understanding genetic components responsible for development of zebrafish embryos, an analog system for human development, to understanding gene expression and regulation in corn as a means for crop improvement through breeding.  Her research at the Honey Bee Breeding Lab focuses on developing molecular markers useful for marker assisted selection, identifying genes responsible for important colony traits, and elucidating how regulation of those genes contributes to overall colony health.

Peter Borst. Mr. Peter Borst has worked in the beekeeping industry since his first job working as beekeeper’s helper in Wolcott NY, in 1974. Since 2006, Peter has been a regular contributor to the American Bee Journal, writing on topics as diverse as beekeeping technique, the value of pollen for bees, and the history of bee breeding.

Kristine Jacobsen is a member of the American Apitherapy Society and the Michigan Beekeepers Association.  She has been practicing apitherapy since 2005 and is happy to give presentations on apitherapy to clubs and   organizations when invited to do so.  Best of all, she gets to experience the joy on people’s faces from their healings and good health, where before there was pain and suffering. There is nothing small about a honey bee.

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