Where to Buy Bees – 2014

Before you decided what kind of bees to buy, peruse this helpful resource from the Bee Wellness folks.

Nucleus packages

The Club will be buying 40 nucs again from Wixon’s. After our January 19 meeting, we will post information on costs and how to reserve them. This service is available to Club members only and limited to three nucs per person.

We have sold out of nucs for 2014.

If you ordered one and were uncertain about needing it, you will certainly be able to sell it by posting to the Club list. Just please let Marjorie Pryse know so that I know who will be picking up the nuc you ordered.

If you are in a place where you need more than three nucs, here is a list of apiaries from 2013. This doesn’t constitute an endorsement by the FLBC, just a resource to help you source bees for your hives.

Company Location Contact
Anarchy Apiaries anarchyapiaries.org
Betterbee Greenwich, NY www.betterbee.com
Dadant Waverly, NY www.dadant.com
HoneyRock Farm Ithaca, NY www.honeyrockfarm.com
Johnston’s Honeybee Farm
(Sold out 2014)
Eaton, NY www.johnstonshoneybeefarm.com
Morse Mills Honey Co Moravia, NY 315-497-0549
Natures Way Farm Lowman, NY www.natureswayfarm.com
Wixon’s Honey Dundee, NY www.wixsonhoney.com


Package bees

Thanks to Club member Christina Wahl for providing this list of package bee suppliers.

Aaron Morris will have packages from Wilbanks (Georgia) by May 2.  He will charge $105.

Betterbee will have Italian packages, also from Wilbanks, for delivery on the last weekend in April.  They will also offer Russian bees later in April, depending on the supplier’s schedule.  See their website for details.  Prices are about the same as Aaron’s.

Mann Lake’s new facility in Wilkes Barre will have packages April 5, 9, 26, at $99.50, with a $20 gift certificate to their catalog.

If you sell bees near Ithaca, NY and you would like to be listed here, please email us with your information.


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