February Meeting

Our next club meeting will take place on Sunday, February 16 from 2-4pm at the Cooperative Extension building downtown. The topic of this meeting; MENTORING, as led by Monika Roth. Monika is the Agriculture & Horticulture Program Leader for Cornell Cooperative Extension of Tompkins County, and among many other programs, has taught mentoring to farmers. The FLBC would like to nurture this talent within the club. Many of us have started mentoring others naturally; we hope this adds to your skillsets, and encourages others to try it out.

At the Club meeting we should also have more information about (and hopefully registration forms for) the Club’s first deadout clinic, where Bee Wellness folks will teach you how to analyze your deadouts. This will be a hands-on workshop with your bees and your deadouts. The goal is to give you skills to confidently understand why a hive didn’t survive the winter, and prevent the same from happening in the future.

Also, don’t forget about the Geneva workshop on March 22!

See you on the 16th!

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