Where to Buy Bees

If you want to purchase bees, try the following sources.  This doesn’t constitute an endorsement by the FLBC, just a resource to help you source bees for your hives.

April 2020 UPDATE!  Emma Walters, Cornell Honey Bee Extension Associate has sent us a directory produced by Cornell and Dyce Lab volunteer/FLBC Apiary Manager David Hopkins to help those who are looking to purchase bees identify and locate producers.   You can access the directory on Cornell University‚Äôs Pollinator Network website here:https://pollinator.cals.cornell.edu/resources/general-beekeeping-resources/find-nuc-and-queen-producers-new-york-state/

The list below is superseded by the new one from Cornell, and producers likely appear there as well.

Company Location Contact
Anarchy Apiaries   anarchyapiaries.org 
Jeff Barge, Three Oaks Farm 2283 State Route 65, Bloomfield, NY 14469 585 734-1111
Betterbee Greenwich, NY www.betterbee.com 
Dadant Waverly, NY www.dadant.com
 Davis Family Honey Farm  Binghamton, NY
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Eric’s Honey Farm Pompey, NY 315-415-6566
Hungry Bear Farms  Middlesex, NY  585-412-8745
Ithaca Honey Works Ithaca, NY 607-342-4606
 Johnston’s Honeybee Farm  Eaton, NY www.johnstonshoneybeefarm.com
Josh Huff Trout Run, PA 570-916-9086
 Morse Mills Honey Co  Moravia, NY 315-497-0549
Natures Way Farm Lowman, NY www.natureswayfarm.com 
Newkirk Honey Scranton, PA  www.newkirkhoney.com 
 Resilient Bee Co.  Morrisville, NY  
Wixon’s Honey Dundee, NY  www.wixsonhoney.com 

If you sell bees near Ithaca, NY and you would like to be listed here, please email us with your information.