Next Meeting : Sunday ,October 21, 2018

At our September meeting, we were up at the FLBC hives where Peter demonstrated getting supers with  capped honey off the hives and ready for extraction. Interesting to see him using a leaf blower to shoo bees off the frames  – see video below. Then, truck loaded with about 7 supers of honey, we paid a visit to Duane Waid’s honey extraction operation in Interlaken.  Lots of very useful information was shared.


Welcome to FLBC

Welcome to the Fingerlakes Beekeepers Club page. FLBC is a community of over 100 beekeepers at all levels of experience and expertise whose purpose is to share knowledge and appreciation of honeybees, to improve the craftsmanship of its members, and to provide opportunities for friendship and conviviality among members and their families. We meet each third Sunday of the month at 2:00 PM. During October – March we meet at the Cornell Cooperative Extension, 615 Willow Avenue in Ithaca. Anyone interested in honeybees is welcome to attend. During April – September, the season of hive management, meetings are at the Club Apiary on the “Back 40” of the Cayuga Nature Center. Four miles north of Ithaca on Highway 89, then left on Garrett, then right on Houghton. Grassy parking lot and hives are .1 mile on the right.

Beekeeping speakers, workshops and programs are sponsored throughout the year.

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