Mite-Away Quick Strips

PRESS RELEASE New York Registration of Mite-Away Quick Strips

May 9, 2011
The State of New York has granted registration for Mite Away Quick Strips (MAQS) for the control of varroa mites. Please note that the Department of Environmental Conservation, Bureau of Pest Management requires that beekeepers residing in New York ONLY PURCHASE MAQS PRODUCT THAT CONTAINS THE WORD POISON IN RED. This is a modification to the initial EPA granted label. Dadant in Waverly, NY will be receiving properly labelled product the week of May 16th.
The revised labelling will gradually become available to additional distributors over the next few weeks. Be sure to notify your beekeeping supply company that you are a resident of New York before purchasing MAQS so that they send you the legally labelled product. NOD Apiary Products apologizes for any inconvenience. We are glad to see New York grant the registration for MAQS. Please visit<> for responses to frequently asked questions, the label in larger print, and a 2-minute application video. You can also call toll-free 866-483-2929 or email Please only use any varroa control product as part of an IPM program. Our best wishes go out to all for a successful 2011 beekeeping season. Liz Corbett
NOD Apiary Products USA Inc.



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