November meeting

Our November meeting will be on November 11 at CCE.  Note the alternate date!

Erin Irby

Erin Irby, a senior communications student at Ithaca College, vividly remembers the day when she was in elementary school in south Georgia and her mother explained that bees were disappearing in droves due to a then unknown cause.

Since that day, she has been intrigued by bees, their complexity, and their system’s endangerment on a global scale-yet she was unfamiliar with the plight of the beekeeper.

When studying abroad this past spring in the Pyrénées-Orientales, she was able to devote herself to learning about the traditional and modern-day techniques of beekeepers in a small village along the frontier between France and Spain known as Laroque-des-Albères. There, she was introduced to and documented a variety of methods and techniques that were aimed at embracing the local environment and improving bee health on a small-scale.

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