Varroa raffle!


The FLBC is pleased to introduce our first club raffle!  Anyone may participate, but only paid-up Club members will be eligible to win.  (Remember, membership is a bargain at $10/year for a family membership!)

The prize: one order of HopGuard or ApiGuard (your choice).

1.  To participate in the first-ever Varroa raffle, all you need to do is check your hives for mites!

2.  Submit your mite count via this closed form by Saturday, July 20. You can enter data starting today.

That’s all there is to it!  Wewill enter all participating club members’ names into a raffle, which will be drawn at our annual picnic.  (Yes!  There will be a picnic!  Just as soon as the President figures out the details…)

You can check as many hives as you like, and enter the data on all of these hives as well, but multiple entries don’t increase your chances of winning.  We’ll share the count data (not names) at the end of the raffle.

How to make step #1 happen:

A very easy, non-lethal method to check for mites is the powdered sugar shake method.  If you haven’t seen this demonstrated at the hives, you can find many good resources online like this one from Bee Wellness.  You may find you have everything you need already on hand!  (If you don’t have hardware cloth — and you don’t want to buy a complete roll — check your colanders or strainers and see if they might be the right size.)

Please submit your mite count per 100 bees. About 100 bees fits in 1/4 cup, so no matter what method you use, or how many bees you sample, submit your count on a per 100 bee count.  We’ll be able to compare apples to apples this way.

Why are we doing this?

Mites took at least 20% of our members’ hives this winter.  That number might be closer to 30 or 40%, if mites weakened a hive, causing it to succumb to nosema or the winter clime. We want to raise your awareness about your own mite levels, and get folks into the habit of testing.  We know it’s easy, and a lot of beekeepers will “get around to it”.  The raffle is just to give you an incentive to finally get out there and DO it!



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