Queen Rearing Workshop Closed

The queen rearing workshop is at capacity!

A queen rearing project is now forming for FLBC members who have successfully wintered honeybees. Participants are being accepted to join a collective hands-on learning experience organized by Linda Mizer, Christina Wahl, David Hopkins and Shelley Stuart.

The goal of the workshop is for participants to learn how to raise a few queen cells for your own apiary, or for those considering nuc production or selling northern queens. You don’t need to have any professional goals in mind; as you’ve seen in discussions recently on the list, having a few queens on hand for your hives (or to help out others) can be a handy tool for your beekeeping toolkit! Looking into the future we see potential to continue learning, improve queen production process, as well as improving the genetics of bees in the area.

A queen yard is being set up near Groton with breeder queens and cell-builder colonies. The group will meet on two Sundays beginning on July 5 at 2pm. At the first session, we will:

  • graft larvae into queen cups
  • prepare a cell builder hive to nurse the grafts

On July 12 the group will examine the cell-builder hives and take home the successful queen cells, to install in their own nucs or hives.


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