May meeting at the hives!

Reminder: We’re back at the hives! Come out on Sunday, May 15, 2-4pm, to our yard on the”back 40″ of the Cayuga Nature Center. If you’re new, brand-new, or just about to be new to beekeeping, these meetings are especially for you — get down and dirty with bees under the watchful eyes of our veterans. Don’t worry if you make mistakes; you can’t hurt your bees, and you’ll learn!

Bring your protective gear — but if you don’t have any, we do have some to borrow.

If you’ve been keeping bees for a few years, please come and share your knowledge with the new folks! These two hours of mentoring are part of what makes our club thrive and grow, and builds a spectacular beekeeping community.

Other important notes

  • If you’ve seen bears, send a note to the list — there are folks keeping track of them. We’ve had to documented bear attacks on nucs and hives in the past week. Keep those electric fences maintained!!
  • The club package order is slated to arrive on May 13. Everyone who’s ordered a package should have received a “how to install” handout. You’ll get more information about pickup times and address closer to next Friday.
  • The club will need a new president! As much as I’ve enjoyed helming this fantastic club, I’m spread too thin, and don’t have the proper time to give to growing the club the way it can grow.

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