August Meeting — change of venue!

The meeting for August has a unique twist.

Everyone is invited to join us in Danby for this event which is scheduled for the same day and time as our regular meeting. An informal meeting at  the club hives in August will be announced, but for the 21st there’s this:

Beekeeping in Danby!  by Bill Evans DCC

Please join us on Sunday August 21st at 2pm at the Danby Town Hall. The event is open to the public.

Danby beekeepers Peter Borst and David Hopkins will present a slide show conversation about beekeeping with audience participation and Q &A. Weather permitting they will then visit Peter’s backyard apiary on Lieb Road and visit flowers with foraging bees.

Peter is the Apiary Manager for the Finger Lakes Beekeepers Club, an avid bee photographer and a writer for the American Bee Journal. He has experience as a commercial beekeeper and as a NY State Bee Inspector.

David is a long time hobby beekeeper and is currently expanding his apiaries as a semi-commercial sideline operation. He has been an occasional hired hand for commercial beekeepers.

I will have some refreshments, I encourage others to bring some too


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