FLBC Officers

On January 15, the FLBC members held elections for officers of the club.  We welcome the following beekeepers to their new leadership roles.  If you have any questions, comments or concerns about the club, you can send a note to any of us privately, or to the Officers mailing list at Officers@flbeeclub.com.


Peter Borst
Peter was introduced to beekeeping in 1974 in the Finger Lakes Region, and went on to manage 500 colonies of his own in San Diego. More recently he has worked at Cornell’s Dyce Lab and as a NY State Apiary Inspector. He has never lost the sense of wonder and excitement one gets by being a part of the web of plants and pollinators.

Vice President
Shawn & Bernie McNinch

Second Vice President:
Lesli Sagan
I’ve been keeping bees since 2004. I started with 2 hives and now keep around a dozen in any given year. I use the marvelous things my bees make to create soaps, balms, and lotions for my business, Avital’s Apiaries.

George Myers
I’m entering my second year of beekeeping. I’ve had great joy managing my hives, and have learned most of what I know from my FLBC mentor and the club members who are always willing to share their expertise.  When not tending the bees, I am a classical violist who tries hard not to get stung on the hand before a concert.

Eleanor Andrews
I’ve been keeping bees with my partner for four years and we’ve enjoyed making mead and candles, as well as showing our honey one year in a local county fair, where we won first place!  Too bad we were the only contestants… Now I’m a graduate student at Cornell, studying how humans and honey bees have been getting along in recent years.